About MKUP

We are part teacher, part confidante, and your best makeup girlfriends.

Our Focus

to enhance your natural beauty with unparalleled artistry.

We at MKUP believe that every woman should be able to relish the experience of having a beautiful, professional makeup application in a comfortable, relaxing setting. Makeup is about enjoying, playing, and enhancing—not covering, hiding, and concealing. Whether you have never worn makeup before or own every product on the shelves but want someone else to put it on for you, our artists are here to listen to what you want and then do their thing to make you feel like the prettiest lady in the room.

Maggie King, the founder of MKUP, loves the transformative artistry of makeup, “I love playing with color and technique, figuring out how best to enhance the beauty of each woman in a way that makes her feel comfortable and listened to.” Fun and play is at the core of Maggie’s approach to makeup—trying something new, taking risks, seeing what works, and getting excited about a new look.

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